The Tibetan Political Prisoner Database (TPPD) aims to monitor and document human rights violations committed by the Chinese authorities in Tibet. The database contains verified and updated information on Tibetan political prisoners. It provides a useful resource not only for human rights campaigners and activists in their advocacy work but also for researchers, media persons, policymakers, etc., interested in learning more about the situation of Tibetan political prisoners.

The ​ database has​ two sections ​:​ ​in the ​first, personal details of the ​political prisoners such as name, sex, age, origin, occupation ​, etc., are recorded​ while in the second ​,​ ​all ​available information ​pertaining to pre-trial detention and sentencing of ​the ​detainee ​is documented. Other relevant details such as type of sentence, sentence by court type, type of violation, description of event, charges, information on detention centre and prison, any incident of torture and its description (information about the perpetrator), release date, ​and ​consequences of detention ​are also recorded. Statements, press releases and news reports related to a particular case are made also available in ​​weblinks.

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