Since 1991, the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) has documented more than 5000 cases of known arbitrary arrests and detention. This number is just a fraction of the actual figures due to extreme restrictions on information in Tibet. Tibetans sharing information about protests and subsequent crackdowns are routinely intimidated and silenced through torture and imprisonment. TCHRD’s team of researchers particularly the database desk staff conducts necessary verifications and fact checking with different sources before documenting specific cases of human rights abuses in its database. TCHRD’s field officer is exclusively responsible for interviewing and collecting testimonies from primary sources, monitoring of media and other secondary sources, before conducting in depth investigation and verification of the data and information collected. The second step is to document the data in our database and followed by drafting of data analyses by researchers and database staff by looking at the pattern of the information gathered before finally embarking on the editing and dissemination of the data and information in the form of news, annual, and thematic reports.

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